About Us

We all yearn for the simpler days when would wake up on the happy, sunny days to the yummylicious khushbu of aloo ka parantha. We would just leisure our day away while playing silly games like Gilli-danda, pitthoo and chhupan-chhupayi. And when we returned home for some evening snacks, our dadi/nani would make us sit down and give us a hearty and relaxing head massage while we sipped on some lassi or mattha. Those were the times, weren’t they? The good old happy days! And in these chaotic times, all we want to do is relive those days, don’t we? What if we tell you that you absolutely can?

All you have to do is come over to Brajdham Farms!

Conceived with a vision to create a recreational farm house facility near Delhi, Brajdham Farms are here to provide you with a pure, delightful and authentic village experience. Built on acres of land, Brajdham Farms is a unique getaway near Delhi-NCR that appeals to your inner child to come out and enjoy a day full of nostalgia and utter and pure joy!

Brajdham Farms is a farm-tourism destination not only apt for fun and activity-filled get-together with friends and family, but it is also an ideal place for team-building sessions. Located at a two-hour smooth drive from Delhi, via Yamuna Expressway, we are sure that experiencing the leisure of the farm life would leave you feeling recharged and relaxed, ready to take on another day.

Leave The Chaos Behind

Our city lives are full of repeating our hectic schedules over and over again, and it is time for you to take a much-needed break. The quaint life of rural India is all you need to feel rejuvenated. Stay in our cool mud-houses or gaze at the stars under the open, clear skies with your partner. Gather your family around the bonfire and roast some marshmallows while singing your favourite songs, or simply spend a quiet day enjoying the authentic Indian food made from fresh produce and leisure your day away. The options to clear and relax your mind are plenty.

Pump Up Your Adrenaline

If you are not the one to enjoy the slow pace of rural life, trust us, we have many options for you too! You can get a healthy dose of adrenaline by enjoying many adventurous activities at Brajdham Farms. From Zorb Rollers to Swinging Planks, from ziplining to climbing the artificial mountain wall, from sky biking to bouncing on the trampoline – we have it all.

Enjoy The Simple Leisure of Childhood

Isn’t it amazing how much we miss those childhood days? Just looking at the pictures of the games we played or thinking about the good old days bring such happy memories. The Brajdham Farms is built to help you not only relive but also enjoy those activities as well. Come along with your friends and family and indulge in games like Gilli-danda, pithoo, kanche, lattoo and many more! If you get tired, just hop on a bullock cart, and enjoy the scenic farms around while bingeing on pakoras and lassi.

Indulge in Indian Art & Craft

If you enjoy Indian handicrafts and are full of creativity, we are sure you would enjoy a session of pottery making with our in-house potter. Or you can learn the art of weaving a shawl or a scarf on a charkha from the local artisans. And this is not it. You may join the local ladies and learn how to grind grains or make atta (flour) on chakki or just learn how to balance a pail on your head. We are sure you would find a lot of rural activities to fill your day with joy.

Live A Day As A Farmer

If you are keen to learn more about farming and the life of a farmer, join us on a guided tour of the nearby farms and learn more about it. Our in-house farming expert will teach you about the techniques used for ploughing, nurturing, protecting, cutting and finally taking the crops to the market. You can also learn about the innovative techniques used for farming these days. We’ll also show you how the crops are grown on our farmland. Be assured that we use organic and fresh produce for the food served at the Brajdham Farms.

Build Teams

A unique farm getaway is not only for friends and family. It is also a great team-building offsite exercise. There are plenty of games like cricket, badminton, zorb roller, rassa-kassi and more that your team can work together or compete to build bonds that last. Brajdham Farms is one of the most opted offsites for corporate retreats and team-building getaways.

Let Your Hair Down

At Brajdham Farms, we ensure you a day to relive your childhood memories while creating strong bonds with your family and friends. We also understand the need of putting your feet up after a long day. When you feel a little tired, let our in-house masseuse give you a relaxing head massage that would surely take you back to the massage given by your dadi or nani. If head massage is not your way of taking rest, you can hop on to the stage and rain dance your heart away! The tube-well bath and mud bath are also here as options for you to rejuvenate.

The Best Getaway for Your Little Ones

We all want to share a piece of our childhood with our kids, right? You want to tell them about how much fun it was to just ride on a bullock cart or go for bike rides in the nearby farms and Brajdham Farms is here to give you the opportunity to have them experience the same! Your little ones would love to enjoy many activities like happy hopper, tyre hopping, tyre tunnel, balancing beam, bullock cart ride, toy train ride, a horse or a camel ride. The DJ and dholki music would just add to their happiness make this the best picnic day ever!

Celebrate your Day with Us

At Brajdham Farms we would be happy to be a part of your big day as you celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries or family get-togethers with us. We would love to make these celebrations unique and unforgettable for you.