Rides@Brajdham Farms

Tractor Ride

Indulge in the joys of rural life by taking a ride on the tractor. Take a lap of the green fields of Brajdham Farms and breathe in the fresh air around. This is a ride you shouldn’t miss!

Horse Ride

When we were kids, we all had either wanted to own or ride a horse. Your trip to Brajdham farms is all about bringing that inner child out as we are here to fulfill your dream of riding a horse! Take a road through simpler times with our horse ride.

Bullock Cart Ride

Traditionally known as Buggee ride in rural India, this is one long-lost mode of transportation that you can relive at Brajdham Farms.

Segway Ride
Segway Ride

Explore our acres of farms with a modern twist – the Segway ride! A Segway vehicle is a modern mode of self-balancing electric transportation for an individual that makes the exploration all the more exciting.

Horse Carriage
Horse Carriage

Before the invention of modern modes of transportation, humans travelled using a simple mode – horse carriage. From kings to merchants, all of our ancestors have taken a ride on a horse carriage, and it is time for you to travel through simpler times in our tumtum at the Brajdham Farms.

Tractor Trolley Ride

If you are not so much into driving a tractor but still want to take a lap of our green fields around, the tractor-trolley ride is a fun way to do so.

Cycle Ride

Brajdham Farms is all about exploring the joys of simpler times, and what better than rejoicing the times of our childhood with a bicycle ride?